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19 August 2013 @ 08:10 pm
Faith takes a deep breathe, runs her hands through her hair, pushes the feeling of sleep from her mind and swings her body into motion. She hasn't slept in two days, the bags under her eye are dark but she uses cover up and black eyeliner to hide the worst of it. The color in her cheeks is artificial, she hasn't eaten in eighteen hours. She's fueled solely on energy drinks and caffeine pills she picked up at a run down gas station when the clerk was too busy flirting with her to notice her sticky fingers.

Faith doesn't know where she is going, all she knows is that she is supposed to be somewhere...She's been tracking a girl, picked up by a group of guys in a bad way. She was only thirteen, she had dark hair and dark eyes and an attitude to match. She didn't know what she was getting herself into...doesn't know that her boyfriends aren't just staying out of the sunlight to appear cool. She doesn't know their motorcycles and bad boy personalities are just to lure girls like her in...Faiths been tracking the girl for two weeks.

Why haven't they killed her yet?

She sees too much of herself in that girl, she's getting too personal. She knows this and yet she doesn't stop, doesn't let this one go, keeps moving...She's gotta save that 'cos no one else is gonna...no one puts up a missing person report on her, no one seems to care that one minute this girl is there at school causing trouble, and the next shes gone. Faith checks the news each night, and nothing changes. It makes her sick...

Reminds her of home. A place she never really had.

She rides a motorcycle, because it's faster and can get into places that cars can't and lets face it, it's sexy and that's what Faiths all about. She revs the engine and whips along a road carved into the side of a cliff. She drives close to the railing and takes in the enormous heights underneath her, nothing but sky and canon. She could die at any moment, one wrong move and she'd gone under. The sound of the wind whipping against her ears and the gravity of everything around her sends her into tunnel vision. She is quite sure this is the most alive she has felt in a very long time. Something in her core clicks and she opens her eyes and she swears, she is infinite...Chosen....A warrior.

She revs the engine, and she keeps heading north.
17 January 2009 @ 02:40 pm