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..:: Faith [Wash it away] ::..

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Full name → Faith Lehane
Race/Ethnicity → Caucasian
Alias → Rogue Slayer, Hope Lyonne, Faith, Faithie
Age/Date a birth → December 14, 1982
Gender → Female
Sexual Orientation → Straight
Sexual Identity → Depends on the guy.
Occupation → Slayer Social Worker
Origin/POB → South Boston, United States.
Siblings → None
Languages Spoken → English

Height → 5'4"
Eye color → Brown
Weight → 114 lbs
Hair Color → Brown
Go to hair-style → Medium-to-long, natural
Build/Muscle tone → Slender but toned.
Tattoos → Tribal Swirl Band on Right Upper Arm, "G" underneath left breast
Piercings → Ears, several times. Belly button
Scars → A deep, vertical scar on her left arm from an attempted suicide
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"Life for a Slayer is very simple -- want... take... have"
"The road to redemption is a rocky path."
"I'm on my side, and that's enough."
"I've got to be the first Slayer in history sponsored by a vampire."
"I don't have time for bondage fun."
"I'm not supposed to live forever, I'm supposed to die. I'm not good for this world. Not like he was. How can I live up to this?"
"I was never supposed to be chosen, for anything."
"Somewhere down the line I lost the part of me that's pure."
"Looks like the Hellmouth is officially closed for business."
"Just relax... and take off your pants"
"Five by five.."

The road so far

Faith was born December 14, 1980 in South Boston, Massachusetts, to an alcoholic mother. At the age of four, her abusive father was imprisoned for murder, and Faith was raised believing he had died.

After being suspended from school for fighting, Faith lived alone for a time, eventually finding out that her mother had been arrested. At that point, her guidance counselor, V, assigned her to a foster home. It was there that Faith discovered and slew her first vampire. Mr. Duncan Jones and his wife were secretly keeping their long-undead son, Robert imprisoned in their attic, feeding unruly foster-children to him. The child nearly escaped, but Faith, whether by luck or by destiny, pulled down the curtains from the attic window, bathing the room in sunlight and slaying the undead child. From there, Faith fled, only to find her mother was missing, along with her sleazy boyfriend Gable. Eventually, Faith discovered that her mother, under Gable's orders, was working as a hooker. In an act of blind rage, Faith attacked her mother's former client, smashing his head against the sidewalk. She was restrained by police, and taken to Belmont Center for observation.

Faith was released from Belmont into the custody of Professor Diana Dormer, who was, unbeknownst to Faith, a Watcher. Under Dormer, Faith began her Slayer-training, learning martial arts and weapon handling. During this time, she found out that her mother had been found dead. During a fight with an old vampire named Kakistos she lost her watcher and fled to Sunnydale, in search of the other slayer. Buffy Summers.

The Slayer with a wild side, in essence the hooker with a heart. Faith is the romantic dream of the over-dramatic adolescent psyche, breezing into Sunnydale like a busty tornado, no watcher, no past (to speak of) and no one to answer to.

With barely so much as an introduction, Faith made herself a staple in the lackluster Sunnydale, turning heads and keeping Buffy occupied. From the beginning she showed signs of recklessness; an eagerness to fight and super strength ironically built into a body with no air breaks, Faith accidentally but quickly became a danger to herself and those around her.

After awhile it was obvious that Faith was out of control, beating vampires to a bloody pulp and swiping whatever she fancied from whoever happened to have it.

It’s safe to assume that whatever Faith did she did for attention. When you’re passed over, ignored or neglected most of your life any attention becomes good attention. And attention she got, rising contempt in the easily aggravated Willow, pondering the meaning of the bad touch with Xander and dancing Buffy away from the high-horse down to the seedy underbelly of lesbian subtext.

All too soon the assumptions of her ‘friends’ are proven right when tragedy strikes Buffy and Faith during an ordinary patrol, when out of the patrols on all the nights HE had to walk into hers.

Alan Finch, the Mayor’s unlikely right-hand man was in the wrong place at the wrong time. During a frenzied slay, Buffy mistook Alan from a vampire and tossed him in Faith’s direction, realizing only a seconds later that he was human. But by that time it was too late, Faith had already staked him.

Paralized with fear, Faith didn’t notice Buffy‘s desperate pleas with her to get help so that Alan wouldn’t bleed to death, instead Faith insisted in a barely audible tone that she “didn’t know” he was human. After a few moments of shock Alan is gone and the Slayer’s have a problem.

Panic-stricken, Faith urges Buffy to flee the scene and both girls do exactly that, but while a crises keeps Buffy away, Faith makes her way back to the body, creeping up to it slowly and examining the wound. She would never recover from this.

Over the next few weeks Faith re-examines her relationships with the Scoobies, who up until now had never really accepted her into their exclusive and close-knit circle of friends. From the way Faith reacted to this up until now, it’s safe to assume she was used to this kind of treatment, but with current events being what they were, Faith’s exile from the group was beginning to take a heavy toll on her already fragile emotional and mental states.

As if to get even for the pain from the exile Faith turned on the scoobies, aligning with those who threatened them, evening going as far as to shoot Angel with a poisoned arrow. Buffy and Faith fall into a fight which lands Faith in a coma for several months. Upon awakening and reeking some havoc among her old 'scoobies' Faith leaves Sunnydale, unable to face what she has done, and herself.

In Los Angeles, she rampaged through the underworld, stealing and squatting in her victims' apartments. Faith was approached by the evil law firm Wolfram & Hart, who had learned that a "rogue Slayer" was in town, and hired her to kill Angel in exchange for having all of the criminal charges against her in Sunnydale dropped. She demonstrated her "evil" side to Angel by kidnapping Wesley and brutally torturing him, wanting to go through various forms of torture such as blunt, sharp, cold, and hot. In a subsequent fight with Angel, (in which Faith had the upper hand the majority of the time, due to Angel acting purely on the defensive and refusing to properly fight back) Faith insisted that he kill her because she's "bad." Angel repeatedly refused, and Faith eventually broke down crying, begging Angel to kill her.

Angel began the task of saving Faith's soul, forgiving her and working to break down her emotional walls. He let her stay at his apartment where she was then attacked by an assassin sent by Wolfram and Hart. Just as Faith began to feel remorse for her crimes, Buffy arrived, looking for revenge. In the meantime, the Watchers Council also showed up, intending to kill Faith, and Kate Lockley also came to Angel's apartment after learning from Lindsey McDonald that she was in Angel's custody.

The road so far, continued

After Buffy and Angel saved her, Faith decided to surrender to the police and face the consequences for her actions, and was convicted for two counts of murder and received a life sentence of which she'd serve at least twenty-five years. Faith, ironically, found some level of stability in her prison life, noting that at least she had three meals a day and an occasional movie. Although capable of escaping at any time, the penitent Faith chose to cooperate with the terms of her confinement, and was periodically visited by Angel.

Faith was approached while in prison by Wesley, her ex watcher and now part of Angel's team in Los Angelos. She was visited by the man she had once tortured for the sole purpose of aiding in the re-insoulment of Angel who was currently reeking havoc all over Los Angelos as his evil counter-part, Angelus. Upon learning of Angels condition, without hesitation, Faith broke out of prison, easily taking out the its guards and breaking threw one of its windows, determined to save Angel, the one person who never gave up on her. Word got out about her presence in L.A. while she quickly took initiative by setting up a hunting party consisting of herself as leader, Wesley, Charles Gunn and Angel's son Connor who was shortly taken out for his rebellious desire to kill Angelus.

Faith and Wesley set out to find Angelus, hitting several demon business to do so. When finding him, she battled Angelus and just before he defeated and bit her, she injected herself with a powerful mystical drug known as "Orpheus" that incapacitated both of them. While Willow worked on a spell to restore Angel's soul, Faith and Angel went on a psychic mind walk. The drug almost killed Faith who accepted her fate, but during the mental link with Angel and Angelus, she was persuaded by Angel not to give up, because for them, the act of atonement never ends.

After Angel's re-ensoulment, Faith left with Willow to return to Sunnydale to help Buffy and her allies battle the First Evil. Like Angel, Faith switches from a more "passive" redemption to an "active" redemption. Rather than remaining in jail, out of society, she chooses to help fight "the good fight" and make the world better.

:: :: :: AFTER THE FALL :: :: ::

In the time that had passed after Sunnydale's destruction, Faith apparently began to grow tired of the life of a Slayer, attempting to purchase a forged passport on two separate occasions. Rupert Giles, also a member of Slayer Organization, approached Faith and struck up a deal: if Faith would assassinate Lady Genevieve Savidge, a rogue Slayer who planned to kill Buffy and who could potentially bring about the apocalypse if left unchecked, Giles would arrange for her to relocate permanently to any country of her choosing, with the promise of never having to resume Slayer duties.

To get close to Savidge, Giles educated Faith in British formal etiquette and taught her how to speak with a British accent. Under the disguise of British aristocrat Hope Lyonne, Faith befriended Savidge, whom she nicknamed "Gigi." However, the plan began to go awry when Buffy was summoned from her Scotland headquarters by Roden, an Irish warlock and Gigi's informal Watcher, for Gigi to kill. However, when Buffy gained the upper hand on the less-experienced Gigi and was about to kill her, Faith jumped into the fray and tackled Buffy out the window, blowing her cover in the process.

Immediately assuming that Faith had switched sides again despite Faith's attempts to convince her otherwise, Buffy attacked her, and in the ensuing fight, Faith nearly drowned Buffy in a swimming pool in a fit of rage before managing to stop herself. After Buffy was teleported back to Scotland by Willow, Gigi, enraged and grief-stricken, attacked Faith. In the ensuing battle, Faith accidentally impaled Gigi on her own axe. As Roden appears, Faith begged for him to heal Gigi. He refused, saying that Faith should be his new Slayer, and that she would be better than Savidge. He said that together they could make Buffy disappear forever. Faith refused, and the two began to battle.

As Roden was about to deliver the killing blow, Giles appeared from behind and stabbed Roden in the back with a pair of garden clippers and subsequently killed him with one of the warlock's own spells. The following morning, Faith and Giles had returned to the apartment. Giles handed Faith her passport out of the country, which Faith accepted, but renounced her plans for retirement. She states that there are more slayers out there like Gigi and herself, and that she believed she could help them walk over from the path they're on, likening herself to a "Slayer Social worker." Giles agreed with the idea and decided to be Faith's partner in this, given that he and Buffy weren't on speaking terms anymore after the whole ordeal.

Things go okay for Faith, and she grows exceptionally close to Rupert, who considers himself a father figure to Faith. However, Faith does not know how to handle this kind of relationship, and in classic Faith-style, she ends up coming onto Giles in the heat of the moment. After a passionate kiss, Giles gingerly tells Faith he does not see her in that way, although he does love her very deeply, but in a way a father would to a daughter. The rejection does not sit well with Faith, and she begins to drink heavily when not with Giles, going as far as to show up quite intoxicated for a job, in which Giles, disappointed and angry, fights with Faith and tells her shes not fit to work. The two have a falling out after this, and do not speak for several weeks.

After learning that Giles is still working at their collective mission despite her absence, Faith collects her pride and decides to return to him and as well as the job at hand. However, the job goes awry and Giles and Faith find themselves having been led into a trap. The building in which they find themselves is very heavily decked out in bombs, which go off before the two of them can get out of the building. The two hold hands as the building explodes and collaspes around them.

With much confusion and astonishment, Faith awakes several days later without a scratch on her body among the rubble of the building. She is able to pull herself from the ruins of the building, and spends the next several hours trying to find Giles. The sight of his broken body causes Faith to fall into a catatonic state. She is picked up by the local authorities and spends the next few nights under observation. Faith is released into the care of the Slayer organization for further treatment.

While in treatment, it is learned that in his will, Giles left Faith all of his belongings, savings, and property, allowing her to retire and be free from the constant violence that plagued her life. She takes a long vacation in which she collects herself. During this retirement a realization begins to dawn on her as the slayer organization gives her some frightening news. Faith's body has not many any changes in five years, in fact, her body had stayed in the same physical state since the day she was pulled out of the ruins of the building that stole Giles from her. Faith has stopped aging.

She stays patient with treatment for a very, very short amount of time before she hits the road once more, unsure, once more, of where she is going or why.

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